Q = Dear Nick - Why is the sky blue?                                                         Clara; Cleveland.

A = Dear Clara - I honestly have no idea.                                                   Nick; Silver Spring.

Q = Dear Nick - How come pi can only be expressed as an approximation?     Shorty; Tuscaloosa

A = Dear Shorty - Unfortunately, pi can be flaky; it's a mystery that vexes.     Nick; Silver Spring

Q = Dear Nick - Does time have a beginning and end?    What is time?            Tabitha; Telluride

A = Dear Tabitha - Time for you to stop asking these kinds of questions.        Nick; Silver Spring

Q = Dear Nick - How do you pick which questions go up on your website?     Terence; Terre Haute

A = Dear Terence - I simply look for names that are unusual or distinctive.     Nick; Silver Spring

Q = Dear Nick - How did Clara from Cleveland get your email address?            Tallulah; Altoona

A = Dear Tallulah - The bigger question is how did you get my email address?   Nick; Silver Spring

                                   * You can write Nick c/o Nicholas@YoungNick.org