April showers brought May flowers -- and me!

The harsh glare of the flashbulbs from the relentless press makes me, well, cranky:

Fortunately, my hospital care package included a shower and massage:

Here I am post-shower & massage -- and feeling like a million bucks!

The next morning I expressed my appreciation to a nurse whose name truly conveys her essence - Joy:

Who says doctors don't make house calls?   My pediatrician came all the way out just to examine little ol' me:

By day two the kitten finally opened its eyes:

Mom and Dad in the hospital:

My brother Nick already looms large in my life:

Trying to perfect that angelic look:

After a few days the hospital said we were free to go ... to the pediatrician's office:

Once firmly ensconced at home, NIck immediately began regaling me with stories about "the good ol' days":

The two ladies of the house:

Nap time is where it's at:

Sometimes I'll nap in front of a mirror just to mix things up:

I also like to nap with friends and family, such as Baba:

... and my neighbor, Paul:

I decided to add a little humor to my portrait with Uncle Dean -- who ended up sticking it to me pretty good!