I am now a preschooler -- my life has been forever changed:

I have a cubby hole, so I guess that makes it official:

Here's my mom trying to kiss me goodbye - and having trouble finding me:

At the end of that first week, my new preschool hosted a picnic at a nearby park:

Designing my own headband at the picnic got me
to thinking about other forms of headgear:

The first week of September means we get to celebrate Mom's birthday -
this year I helped throw a party for her:

Ain't she pretty?

I found some beads, man:

I won't deny I have a bad attitude:

I did a photo session recently for a firefighter outfitters catalog:

Hung out at the local nature center & planetarium -
flipped for the screech owl andirons:

Speaking of owls, all this time I thought it was "bard" owl, as in Shakespeare -
I only recently learned it was "barred" owl, as in markings:

Had the chance to make the acquaintance of a beaver pelt at the nature center:

I donned my wings that day and never looked back:

For fifteen glorious minutes, I owned that nature center's auditorium:

New teeth are still coming in - this time it's one of my upper molars:

A new school year means that the local parent resource center is up and running again. 
This year I learned that my PRC has acquired a velcro coconut tree & alphabet letter
accompaniment to one of my favorite books:

Every summer our local civic association hosts a community picnic in a nearby park.
This year there were state and local elected officials in attendance.  It was scary:

Finally - a laundry hamper I can respect:

What an ingenious way to motivate a young person such as myself to clean up:

Here I am at school having a laugh in someone else's cubby hole:

Sometimes in life I feel like I'm on the outside looking in:

or on the inside looking out:

Dad had me come out and join him pounding down nails on the deck.
First we hammered to the left .... and then we hammered to the right:

At one point I was flat on my back - I forget why:

Always remember to hug your library mascot - if you have one: