The first of October found me returning to the grounds of the world's oldest airport @ the aviation museum
That day I got the chance to try out a nice variety of old-timey biplanes:

I was asleep when they told me to report for duty:

Who ya gonna trust:   me                                     or him?

I enjoyed my first encounter with an upright wall guitar:

I feel like the 10-pin to the pumpkin's bowling ball:

We celebrated autumn with a festival at a big farm upcounty:

We played this game where you use a hand pump to fill rain gutters
with enough water to make the rubber duckies float downstream:

At one point I could sense distress but
not quite pinpoint the exact source:

Here I am enjoying one of John Deere's more unusual wooden tractors:

I got a big kick out of taking Mom for a ride on an old tractor:

It was a nice sunny day - Dad was there, too:

As I said, it was a nice sunny day:

We're getting take out for dinner -
Mom told me to write down everyone's order:

Intersection of two great faves =
apple juice and fire trucks:

I noticed that things changed instantly once I started wearing oxford button-downs:

To live is to climb:

Here is a rare moment where Dad had us dress in matching outfits - Mom was ecstatic:

When people ask how tall I am, I usually tell them about one steel guitar high:

Still searching for the right eyewear ...

We went back to Great Falls one Sunday -
Mom pointed out a great blue heron just across the canal on our walk:

The next weekend we spent the day at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum - I was asked to say a few words :

We chose the famous Red Caboose Motel for our lodging:

Curiously, our caboose ended up being a blue one - a Norfolk & Western:

The Red Caboose is not just a motel but also a restaurant ...

... with a gift shop that includes - naturally - trains:

And since we were in the area, it sure made sense to pay a visit to the Haines House of Shoe, as Dad calls it:

Here I am two days before Halloween:

Here I am one day before Halloween:

Here I am celebrating Halloween at school: