Here are some outtakes from last month's Halloween night of mirth and merriment:

The first Tuesday in November - Election Day - holds special significance in our household, particularly my mom.  Here we are outside our local polling place preparing to vote:

Afterward we high-fived in the supermarket as we compared notes over each of our votes:

One night I happened to witness a breaking and entering at
one of the big buildings in the downtown area:

I found a store where - incredibly - I can slide while I shop:

Dad told me to smile - so here I am obliging him:

We took a 500-mile road trip to Ohio to see family for the holidays -
here I am in the back briefing myself on boating & boating-related activities:

We listened to a lot of truck driving music -
it really seemed to suit the surroundings:

Finally around Columbus we reached civilization
(i.e., a restaurant that serves Cincinnati chili):

I received an early Christmas gift -- a leather-clad teddy bear and matching Harley. 
I was a little choked up:

I got to try on some really impressive fire & rescue equipment at my cousins' house:

It's been over a year since my first trip to the happy playland at Johnny's Toys -
it was nice to be back:

It was great to be able to stock up on certain pantry items while cavorting at Johnny's Toys:

I also had a chance to fill in down at the post office - it wasn't a walk in the park, let me tell ya:

I like to blow off steam playing Pony Express with Mom:

It sure was fun tormenting my cousins from Ohio:

Meanwhile, my cousins' mom was completely unaware, heh heh.
Er ... I hope Aunt Sue doesn't read my blog:

My cousins' dad also seems not to know of my boorish behavior toward his three boys.
Uncle Dean thinks I'm fun:

I also enjoyed seeing my grandparents, who took me to Frisch's - home of the Big Boy.

My grandparents' trash bags are refreshingly cheerful and upbeat:

Laughter really is the best medicine: