My preschool class took an end-of-the-year field trip to a local nature center - we had a blast!

The next day I spotted a bird on our feeder that Dad and I had never seen before - Dad consulted his bird book before proclaiming it to be a rose-breasted grosbeak:

Dad took me back to my favorite kids' play zone - it has the best faux grocery store in the state, I do declare:


The rope bridge suspended four stories in the air made my heart race - but in a good way:

Here I am pretending to be Janus, the two-faced Roman god, who simultaneously looked to the future and past:

Mom and Dad took me to my second "truck touch" event - the school bus was the only vehicle that wasn't mobbed. Go figure:

I respect Pooh - I really do - but honestly, Tigger, is my favorite:

Did I mention that I'm getting a baby sister?  Mom's pretty close to the finish line:

For Mother's Day, Baba and I constructed a miniature flower garden for Mom:

My preschool class paid a return visit to the local nature center, where I was asked to identify bobcat tracks by the nature lady; I thought this was expecting a lot from a three-year-old, wouldn't you agree?

In our winner-takes-all race to the giant floating pretzel, Dad lost by a nose:

Victory was never sweeter - or saltier:

My second truck touch event in a month took place at ... my school!

Stop the presses!   My new baby sister, Vivian Rose, was born one week early - in my same hometown!

Dad was attending a lecture on mid-century modern architecture but wisely thought ahead to dress in surgical garb just in case Vivian arrived early:

The next day, our little kitten finally opened her eyes: