The first of May found me feeling frisky and free-spirited:

And ready for an adventure out on the road with Dad...

...only to find I had been tricked into some formal event!

We watched the Kentucky Derby at Baba & Jim's the first weekend in May - a lovely one.
I dutifully tended to all my racing forms -- and that hard work paid off when I hit the jackpot!

The next morning I explored the lonely playground of a
nearby church whose membership is no longer extant:

When we left to go home, I made sure to kiss Scuppers goodbye:

Back home I dreamily contemplated life behind bars:

I bleated endlessly, unceasingly for Dad to take me back to the rocket visitor center - and it worked!

Lost in space:

No parking any time - this means you, pal:

Simply gaze into the light and obey all my commands:

I shared a laugh with Mom & Dad under sunny blue skies:

Still looking in vain for those perfect frames - the
endless heartbreak is sometimes too much to bear:

The mirror is the window to one's soul:

I have befriended a creature that is essentially a donkey-headed human:

The best thing about my age and size is actually being able to change into my swimsuit right inside the locker!

Stereoscopic imagery thrills me to no end:

Had fun clowning around                                          while out doing errands:

Ultimately, will I pursue a career in firefighting - or even fire safety?  

I like the simple geometry in this 1960s-era public playground:

Tractor-based playground equipment - a dream come true:

A late-May nighttime portrait:

I just remember being really mad for some reason - as my hair will attest:

When all else fails: