March kicked off with a bang:  snow!   Winter's last gasp.  I immediately set to work with my trusty spatula:

My cousin, Jake, stopped by for a brief visit on his east coast jaunt - that's me being held aloft:

We played chase back at the house - mainly him chasing me:

Dad took me to this crazy museum in Baltimore where they turn vehicles into wheeled works of art:

In Baltimore, when it comes to art cars ...

... the sky's the limit:

I loved the art installation where you could testify on behalf of urban spaces:

Later it was good just to get out and run:

The wagon has become the preferred mode of transport at school:

Lately I have developed an obsession with this charming old alphabet book - inseparable we've become:

For a quick fun getaway, we spent the night at a family-friendly hotel with a nice pool:

My favorite part was eating a hot dog on the bed in our room:

Driving the ice cream truck, I'd have to admit, made me a little giddy:

Dad and I later found a store that sells only building bricks -- we teamed up on a modern design:

We then decided to play a game based on that popular hide-and-seek cartoon figure:

Later I discovered a skateboard ramp, so I waited for some skateboarders to arrive:

Spring is in the air, I'm happy to report -- and so are bubbles:

On April Fool's Day - no, seriously - my preschool class went on a field trip to the airport museum:

Mom and Dad think it might be time for me to get a little trim ...

... so, after thinking it over, I decided it was worth a shot:

Well, what do you think?

We celebrated over snack chips:

And then played with trucks in a sandbox - pure bliss:

Of course, we had to go down by the river, especially since beavers had been sighted there:

On Easter weekend, one of my neighbors happily surprised me with a chocolate bunny!

This strange sculpture of giant old machinery parts resides at the Museum of Industry in Baltimore:

This is my secret place where I go to recharge the ol' batteries:

Did I mention that I'm getting a baby sister?  Bottom line - we had to say goodbye to the compact car:

Mom and Dad took me in the new car to go help clean up the local creek on Earth Day - free gloves!

<-Strategy session with Mom

Later that day, Dad took us to the local agriculture history farm park to see cool old farm equipment:

They promised me a room with a view yet neglected to tell me the room was only 12 inches wide!

But the highlight of the month was my romp through a posh estate that once belonged to a cereal magnate: