Here I am getting my groove on:

I hear lately that the kids have taken to wearing their caps backward:

Here is my silhouette in slightly abstract form:

Increasingly I find myself drawn to periwinkle and lavender:

My ever-changing eyewear moods:

I recently got the chance to board an actual space capsule but had to
bail when I could not make heads or tails of all the switches and knobs:

I had no idea outer space was so vast!

I'm starting to have second thoughts about wanting to become an astronaut:

Speaking of space flight, someone accidentally launched his
hot air balloon in the atrium of a local medical arts building:

Here I am enjoying one of the best books ever published:

Mom and Dad took me down to the Jamestown area to get me some US history -
At one point we stopped at a restaurant that had one of those human habitrails:

To my great delight I am happy to report that the hotel did, indeed, have a swimming pool:

At the Jamestown visitor center I was able to pound my own corn just like our country's first settlers did:

Later I boarded an old sailing vessel that smelled at least a couple hundred years old:

Actually, the real reason we went to Jamestown was to visit with family - the history was simply bonus:

Don't know if I've mentioned I'm taking a cooking class - cupcakes are my specialty:

I commute to class each week using a human-powered trolley:

Dad's mirrored shades are no longer intact -
I'm quite certain he's fingered me as the culprit:

Dad is also concerned I don't get enough movement in my daily routine and has been pushing me to exercise:

Toward the end of the month there was a flurry of train-related activity that left me nearly breathless.
First we rode the train at the nearby mall -- followed by a spin on a 1971 Dutch trolley at the museum up the road:

But, man oh man, we sure hit the motherlode when we visited the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore:

I was so steeped in trains, I could eat, drink, and breathe them -- I asked Dad to make arrangements for a sleepover:

The museum is very hands-on, did I mention?

Finally, we ushered in spring by riding the wee little train at the big nearby public park:

After gazing longingly at the carousel, I eventually gave in to temptation and rode my first merry-go-round:

Look who I bumped into at the zoo:

I finally fulfilled my dream of being photographed while standing on a cherry picker:

It wasn't until later when I saw the photograph did I realize I had a rather large monument in my back pocket:

Dad helped fulfill another dream when he photographed me with my mom against a great big ladder truck: