This year the Smithsonian Folklife Festival gave a salute to 50 years of NASA.  Dad regaled me with tales of eating
Pillsbury Space Food Sticks when he was a young lad, so, of course, my first festival stop had to be Food in Space:

Science can be intimidating to a little guy like me, so pop culture can serve as a gateway to otherwise otherworldly topics, such as physics.  Star Trek's Lt. Uhura, for instance, helped pique my interest in space communications:

Given our proximity to the Natural History Museum, of course, I had to stop by and see my buddy, the walrus:

Dad took me duck pin bowling for my time ever.  The smaller ball and tiny pins were very much to my liking:

But if it's not my turn, I could care less, quite frankly:

On July 4th each year we celebrate America's birthday in grand style - with a parade:

The U.S.A.                                          is a-okay                                       with me!

Stopping for french fries brings me boundless joy:

Great Falls, as the name implies, is a pretty great place to be:

Suddenly ........                                            I spring to life!

All in all, it was a very satisfying day at the playground:

You looking at me? (etc.)

I recently did a promotional campaign for the Chevy Camaro:

A couple of outtakes from those photo sessions:

Once I got in the habit, however, it was pretty hard to break it:

At last I managed to escape!

Here I am mere minutes before my big piano recital:

Still not sure if I've found the right shades yet:

Things are looking up, I have to admit:

Here I am just prior to boarding my flight:

At the top of the jungle   ...   gym:

Each year the trip to the beach always begins with such promise - this year we actually left at 7:30 as promised:

We always enjoy stopping at the welcome center in Cambridge:

I enjoy the opportunity to get out and stretch my legs:

I also enjoy the opportunity to dip my toes in the sand:

Cousin Daniel helped me navigate the more scary aspects of ocean life

As did his mother, Aunt Stephanie:

Happiness is just hanging out at the beach:

And then taking a nice nap: