We ushered in the new year in grand fashion with a visit to the B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore:

It's a lovely day for an umbrella, don't you think?

Hey, Uncle Dean dropped in one night to compare thumbs - and then read me a bedtime story:

Baba joined us the following week for the Inauguration - we celebrated over corn muffins:

On the big day, Dad braved the crowds downtown and then somehow finagled this photo - talk about gracious:

Quick - what hangs by two arms and sputters nonsense loudly to no one in particular?

I'm working as an intern at the local fire department:

Bath time is good one-on-one time with myself ...

...followed by a quick snuggle on a cold wintry day:

Dad told me to take the wheel one day rather

Let me offer you a smile...                       ...here you go:

Dad taught me that if I'm in formal attire, and a lady enters the room, then I should immediately stand:

I like to run this way ...                                               ... and that:

This February I turned three:

Our friend, Michele, the chef, made me a giant snack cake:
the world's largest Ho Ho:

Sometimes I do my best artwork at night:

One afternoon we stopped and had a sandwich at Nick's Diner:

Quiet time with my mom                         But I see I'm not alone:

Dad took me to a new kids play zone;
I especially enjoyed the roller coaster ride:

Cutting the lawn can be a great workout if you run the entire time:

I got some new shades ...

... and just in time, too, since now I'm a big TV star: