I think this preschool thing is going to work out after all:

Sometimes Dad takes me to a local restaurant that serves french fries prepared in peanut oil:

I'm a huge fan of Jasper Johns:

TV fans might be delighted to know I'm wearing the actual hat Mary Tyler Moore threw into the air back in the 70s:

I have no complaints at the moment:

Scuppers and I recently sat for a formal portrait:

Fire rescue is where it's at:

The observation tower of an old caboose is also where it's at:

Sometimes I think it adds an air of intrigue when you look away from the camera:

Or when there is a soft blurry focus:

Christmas is nigh, so Dad took us back to that one house just up the pike that is wildly festooned with lights:

Here I am giving myself an eye exam with Dad's new penlight:

We had a quiet cozy Christmas at home:

I had no idea my face was so triangular in shape:

My folks thought I'd benefit from a little extra responsibility, so they have me pumping gas at a local filling station:

That wasn't quite enough, so they got me working at the farmers market, too:

That wasn't enough either - don't ask me why - so I'm also working part-time as a cashier:

Dad took me to a new kid-oriented discovery zone over the holidays - it was a little dark and spooky at times:

My favorite part was where you were given all the pieces to make your own trolley car:

All in all it's been a good year:

Good time for a nap: