The first of the month found me flat on my back at the beach:

Later in the day near the onset of dusk, I enjoyed the summer sun's soft shower of light:

To sum it all up - beach equals fun:

On the drive back home, we stopped at a produce stand that had a combine harvester you could romp around in:

Hilarity ensued:

I ran into a friendly cat on my way into a local park - I considered it a good sign:

I am writing a contemporary fairy tale set in prehistoric times but having trouble with the first sentence:

I foresee a time when I no longer will be able to fit into my custom clamp-on chair:

My folks took me back to the big science museum in Baltimore with the fancy water play station, where you can build your own lock & dam system -- it's way cool:

Later, Mom joined me for a ride on the carousel:

Nothing says summer like the county fair:

Believe or not, this year's fair provided me my first official moon bounce experience:

We got to the fairgrounds at 10:00, but the food stands were
all closed until about 11:30 or so -- what's up with that?

Things perked right up once I climbed onto a backhoe:

Sadly, most trains running today do not use cabooses - thus, I had to seek one out on my own:

Summertime also means hanging out at the park with your friends:

The District of Columbia held its first "Truck Touch" event featuring 30 vehicles - it was overwhelming at times:

Dad made me pose for this art shot involving a fire engine's siren:

One weekend we finally decided to check out the Reston Zoo, a more informal and relaxed kind of setting:

Speaking of amusements, later I got the chance to drive a late 60s muscle car:

On the way to the market one morning, I happened upon a friendly cat - another good sign:

Baba and Jim recently drove down from Philadelphia for a visit, so on the morning of their departure, we decided
to go explore the natural wonders of the Anacostia River watershed by visiting Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens:

We saw a great blue heron and egret at close range searching for fish; halfway through our hike we rested:

Dad ended up carrying me the majority of our 1.5 mile trek:

Next week I'll be starting preschool, so Dad and I popped over to my classroom early for a quick solo test run:

Happiness is lounging around the house before the big drive up north:

Here I am obtaining maps, tour books and directions to New Hampshire:

We finally made it to our motel.  They weren't kidding when they decided to name it The Lake -
here's a view from the motel's backyard:

We learned of a special event taking place just a couple miles down the road at "The Nick" -
a family-oriented recreation and sports facility:

Get this:  each year the town of Wolfeboro organizes a one-day festival to celebrate all people named Nick!

Here I am running away from Dad and his relentless camera:

Visiting with family was the best part of all - even though I really dug myself in a hole with my cousin, Mary:

It's nice to know I have family in New England:

We drove late into the night and made it back in the wee small hours of Labor Day - home sweet home: