At the top of the month I found myself in the heart of the Federal District near
the Tidal Basin, where the cherry blossoms were in particularly fine fettle:

 Later that same day I enjoyed a gallop on the         Here's a shot of the Monument from
     grounds of the Washington Monument:               the 1940s - essentially unchanged:

Here I am sunning myself on a rock like a turtle:

Occasionally, modern art speaks to me and my condition:

 Mom and I shared a funny story
recently -- oh, how we laughed!

Snug as a bug underneath the proverbial rug - literally:

Dad's Mom - Maya - flew 500 miles from Ohio for a visit.
We celebrated over an enormous bottle of ketchup:

For a special treat, we went to a local farm upcounty that has kept it in the family since 1797.
This place not only has a petting zoo but also some attractions from an old Enchanted Forest:

For some reason I was allowed to climb all over fungi and my parents didn't get upset:

I really enjoyed spending one-on-one time with two delightfully oversized birds - one a swan and the other a duck:

I'm ashamed to say that I might have had an unwitting hand in
Jack & Jill's misfortunate adventures trying to obtain water:

It was really nice to get some hug time with Maya during her visit here:

I put on a party hat and tried to make merry after we dropped
off Maya at the airport, but I guess I really wasn't in the mood:

Cool, soothing rocks never fail to satisfy:

Who is Ed Grimley, and why does his name always come
up when people look at this photo of me in the tub?

Spring is in full effect - time to break out the sunscreen:

They're not kidding about the Big Taste - nearly knocked me out:

On this day I enjoyed the alphabet unlike any other:

This place has an irresistible pull - I can't explain it:

Dad took me to a playground that had an actual,
working - hold onto your hats now, folks - sandbox!

Climbing on playground equipment makes me happy:

As does sleep: